The contract and the definition of itinerary
The contract is in compliance with Italian law, between the traveler who decides to purchase our offer and Trame d’Italia s.r.l. social enterprise (hereinafter TDI) with registered and operative office in Milan, via Flavio Baracchini 1 VAT number and tax code 10258770964, address pec [email protected]
With the purchase of an itinerary the traveler assumes the right to access all the services expressly indicated in the form published on the platform www.trameditalia.it as a whole, on the date established and for the duration indicated (one, two or three days) .
Individual events, accommodation facilities, places of catering and exercises reported in the appropriate sections of the same platform outside the itineraries can not be purchased through Trame d’Italia and represent pure information.

The buying process

To ensure a personalized management of the relationship, every traveler who books our itinerary will receive a short e-mail with a reply to his request with a clear indication of the time frame within which he will receive confirmation of the actual availability.
At this stage the amount of the itinerary chosen is booked through the payment method chosen by the traveler at the time of booking, but the collection is not made.
Upon confirmation by TDI, of the actual availability and conditions chosen by the traveler, the amount is actually collected by TDI which carries out the transaction.
Obviously the amount is not cashed (the transaction is not executed) if TDI is in the need to propose to the traveler economic or logistical changes to its request. In this case the transaction is actually performed only upon confirmation by the traveler.
If the traveler requests to confirm the purchase at a later date, TDI, as required by current legislation, will require a deposit equal to 25% of the value of the amount booked by the traveler.

Variations and cancellations by the traveler

In case the traveler wants or needs to change his requests, TDI will work to meet his needs. It is however understood that if it is not possible to accept the variation requests in question or that the traveler decides to cancel his trip, the traveler has the right: to reimburse 90% of the sum if the cancellation occurs with 25 working days of notice on the first day of the agreed fruition, and 50% if the cancellation occurs within 10 working days of notice always from the first day of the agreed fruition. For cancellations subsequent to these limits the traveler will not be entitled to any refund.

Price variations and itineraries by TDI

TDI undertakes to provide the services agreed upon with the conditions agreed upon at the time of the actual purchase by the traveler (execution of the transaction and collection of the consideration)
If TDI unilaterally changes the itineraries or prices, the traveler will be entitled to a full refund of the sum paid.
If TDI is in need of modification of itineraries due to obvious reasons of force majeure, TDI undertakes to provide a similar service to the traveler who may decide to enjoy it within 12 months from the date initially chosen.

Insurance coverage

TDI undertakes to activate the insurance coverage for the civil liability of the organizer as required by law.
TDI also reserves the right to offer the traveler the underwriting and at its own discretion of further insurance coverage such as, by way of example and not exhaustively, for the loss of baggage.
TDI also undertakes to ensure that, where certain itineraries provide activities that require a specific insurance policy (for example, but not exclusively horseback riding), the supplier of the experience has undertaken to comply with the obligations in question.


In the cases in which Trame d’Italia operates as an organizer and / or seller of tourist packages, reference is made to the current legislation and to the GENERAL CONDITIONS FOR SALE OF TOURIST PACKAGES.