Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara

The finest expression of Art in Lunigiana

The official foundation of the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara dates back to September 26, 1769.
It was patroness Maria Teresa Cybo-Malaspina, Duchess of Massa and Princess of Carrara, wife of Ercole Rinaldo d’Este, duke of Modena.
A few years earlier, was already the idea to found an academy, accepting the proposal of Giovanni Domenico Olivieri, a sculptor who had lived at the court of Philip V of Spain and collaborated in the foundation of the Madrid Academy.
Maria Teresa, Austro-Hungaric Empress, had promulgated the statutes of an institute in Carrara as early as April 1757, which included the teaching of three arts: painting, sculpture and architecture.

The famous sculptor Lio Gangeri was there professor and director.

How to visit

The stop is included into “From the marble mountain to a piece of art” experience and also into “The pillars of Lunigiana“.