Fantiscritti marble quarries

The marble heart of Lunigiana

Fantiscritti is the heart of the Carrara marble quarries. The impressive view over the Ponti di Vara is one of the most popular images of the area. In fact, here they are the two historic 1800’s bridges of the “Marmifera railway”. This railway is one of the most fascinating engineering projects of the last century. It was used to transport marble blocks from the quarries of Torano, Miseglia and Colonnata, to the valley through a series of viaducts, bridges and galleries.

All  the existing quarries are ordered by progressive numbering. At the entrance of each one there is an identification sign showing the name of the quarry and the number with which it is identified to the Land Registry Office. Almost all the quarries are included from west to east in the large natural amphitheater. From Monte Uccelliera to Monte Borla, Monte Sagro to Cima di Gioia and to Monte Brugiana. It can be said that the marble basin is included in three valleys that are separated from each other by the slopes of Monte Maggiore.

The landscape has been visibly altered by the activity of man. In an alternation of excavations and rejected material, the marble dumps resulting from the excavations that cover the valleys with white, unraveling roads that cut the steep slopes and that make the landscape almost lunar.

How to visit

This stop is included into “From the marble mountain to a piece of art” experience.