Licciana Nardi

The Village of the “Volto Santo”

The municipality of Licciana Nardi is part of the National Park of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines and is on the Via del Volto Santo. It is a medieval road director, a branch of those Francigene or Romee streets that united Rome “Caput Mundi” to France.

The route of Sigeric

The “Via del Volto Santo”, which runs parallel to the north of the Apuan Alps, is an alternative to the famous Sigeric of Canterbury voyage. He narrated the return from Rome, traveled the road between Lucca and Lunigiana along the Tyrrhenian coast bypassing the Apuan Alps from the south. It is practically the mountain path of that bundle of streets that linked the Lunigiana to the Garfagnana and then to Lucca, a very important destination of the medieval pilgrimage for the devotion to the Holy Face, the wooden crucifix displayed in the Cathedral of Lucca. It owes its name, of current assignment, to distinguish it from the coast path made by Sigerico in 990 AD. but in fact it is only a mountain branch of those medieval streets that from Lunigiana through the Garfagnana, along the Valle del Serchio, reached Lucca.

How to visit

This stop is included into “Via Francigena on horseback” experience.