Moscatelli Mill

An ancient water mill from 1500

The Moscatelli Mill has satisfied the need for flour of the inhabitants of the Filattiera plain for five centuries. Today it is the center of the Moscatelli farm that still works with wheat and chestnuts as it once was; in fact, this very old structure is still today crossed by a channel of the river Magra whose waters drive the mill shovels according to tradition.

Thanks to this process, an absolutely homemade pasta is produced, bronze drawn, dried at low temperature and packaged by hand. This 100% artisanal processing makes it a unique product, which can be purchased in the farm shop.

The secrets of the cultivation of wheat and its processing are available to travelers who will make this itinerary. In addition, to accompany them, there will be the miller Giancarlo, who on board his tractor will bring young and old to discover this ancient production.

How to visit it

The visit together with the miller Giancarlo is included in the itinerary “Water and Stone of Lunigiana”.