Museum of "Statue Stele"

Museum of the mysterious “Statue Stele” in Pontremoli

The word “mystery” has always been associated with Lunigiana for the great quantity of myths and legends that since ancient times have been told and passed down from generation to generation. Even the village of Pontremoli obviously has its own. However, here, it is possible to find the tangible proof that has been able to solve “the enigma”, at least from some points of view.

The stone people

We are talking about the Stele Statues “the stone people who live in the Piagnaro Castle”; found over the years in the Lunigiana territory, they represent the most ancient and mysterious heritage of this land. The collection of these findings, of great fascination, exposes and tells one of the most important phenomena of European megalithic. It was in fact possible to date the realization of these male and female human figures represented in abstract forms, carved in the sandstone from populations lived between the fourth and first millennium BC., so between the age of copper and the iron age, but it is still not known whether they represent deities, human beings in general or warriors.

Historic sedimentation

They have gone through the centuries to reach us, suffering voluntary concealments, reuse that have often changed their form and function. Today the Statues Stele are the undiscussedidentity symbol of Lunigiana. The Museum of Stele Statues is the most representative in Italy for the number of specimens collected and for the documentation on the tempering sites, the raw material used and the processing techniques.

How to visit

The entrance to this museum is included into “The Pillars of Lunigiana” experience and “Water and Stone of Lunigiana” experience.