The Village in the Middle

On the left bank of the torrent Taverone, downstream of the village of Licciana Nardi, is the small village of Pontebosio. The toponym derives from the presence of an ancient bridge with low arches, built by the Bosi family. They were lords of the Verrucola di Fivizzano in the 11th-12th centuries, before the rise of the Malaspina family in Lunigiana. The village is dominated by the seventeenth-century castle, characterized by four quadrangular towers and privately owned. Near the road, just beyond the bridge with low arches, which was an obligatory passage for the parishes of Soliera, is the castle of Poderetto, built by the Malaspina di Podenzana to oppose the marquises of Pontebosio, but never completed and today private residence.
The village was become an independent fief starting from 1631 with Ludovico I Malaspina.

How to visit

This stop is the latest into the experience “Via Francigena on horseback“.