The centre of Lunigiana

Pontremoli is history, tradition, culture and beauty, all summed up in one word. Here, wars, battles, duels and destructive fires have taken place. Split into two fighting factions, but then gathered, was burned down and then rebuilt, enlarged and renovated. Its unique style makes it one of the largest and most beautiful municipalities of Lunigiana. Characteristic feature is its wide historic centre, dominated by the impressive Castello del Piagnaroand the unmistakable sound of its Campanone.

From were come from the name of Pontremoli

Its unusual name derives from the Latin “Ponte Tremulus” meaning “shaky bridge”. Its history is rich and turbulent. As witnessed by the fortified wall Cacciaguerra, built by CastruccioCastracanito divide the two factions of Guelphsand Ghibellines; or by the many palaces and stately homes, formerly inhabited by noble families. And again its churches, the Teatro La Rosa and the Town Hall, located in the main Piazza della Repubblica.

Entering the Porta Parma tothe North, you reach Piazza del Duomo, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Popolo and Piazza della Repubblica. Continuing to the southern side of the historic centre along the shops-lined Via Cavour, you get to the Ponte Stemma tower or, across the recently-built bridge of the Jubilee, to the district of Santa Cristina, via Mazzini and finally San Pietro, where the historic center ends.

How to visit

Pontremoli is one of the best attraction of Lunigiana, you can visit it during the “Water and Stone of Lunigiana” experience and “The pillars of Lunigiana” experience.