The Restaurant Il Caveau del Teatro

At the question if you’ve ever eaten into a theater, only the lovers of La Scala and those who attend at the Teatro della Rosa in Pontremoli could say yes.

Indeed, the delicious restaurant Il Caveau del Teatro it is located in a romantic dependence of the 18th century theater and reflects very well the culture and history.

The Menu

A rich menu, which confirms the environment of the restaurant so exuberant, can only start from the level appetizers; you can start with the composition of goose and onion speck, with caramelized chestnuts and balsamic vinegar, or the most classic local cured meat platter and cheese tasting; or be inspired by the arbadela, a dough fried with cornmeal, onions and chard, and the aubergine casket with cheese. Among the first, strictly handmade, depending on the season you can choose between tagliolini with truffles, gnocchi with gorgonzola, tortelloni with ricotta and asparagus with hints of liquorice and testaroli with pesto. The latter are as strong as this earth; You can choose a rack of lamb from Zeri, an ancient dish of the Etruscan tradition, or the boneless chicken with spicy sauce, or the rabbit roast on a mixed salad.
Among the desserts dominates the millefeuille of Chantilly cream with berries.
For the choice of wines, two pleasant surprises will accompany your stay at the Caveau; first of all, one of the owners of the house, Fernanda Poletti, is a sommelier, so she will be able to advise you in the best in the delicate grapes to enhance the taste of the meal; second, but not least, the whole wine list is written with the fountain pen, an artisan element that catches the eye in this world of printers and fax machines.

How to visit it

The meal at the Caveau del Teatro is included in the itineraries “Pages of Lunigiana” and “The Mysteries of Lunigiana“.