A village on a mountain

Inhabited since the Prehistoric Era, Fosdinovo has experienced a glorious period between the 14th and 18th century. When it was the capital of the independent march ruled by the most important feudal family of that time, the Malaspinas. This has resulted in remarkable traces in the architecture, art and local culture.

After Middle Ages

The village, that survived almost untouched the turbulences of the last centuries of the Middle Ages and 1500s in Tuscany, lived a wealthy period becoming so rich to receive in 1666 the authorization by the Sacred Roman Empire to mint its own coins.

Recent times

At the end of the Napoleon occupation in the early 1800s, during the Vienna Congress in 1814, Fosdinovo passed under the rule of the Duchy of Massa and later under the Duchy of Modena led by the Estensi family. The latter, originally from Ferrara, made it the capital of the Lunigiana dukedom.

How to visit

The visit to the village of Fosdinovo is included into “The Mysteries of Lunigiana” experience.