Farmhouse CasteldelPiano

Lunigiana wine tasting

Making a wine tasting in Lunigiana means tasting some sips of history; in fact, precisely because of its position as a land passing through the centuries, this territory today has more native wines than any other, in Italy and in the world.
Just to give an idea of ​​the breadth of the choice: albarola, barsaglina, armola, caloria, durella, groppello, luagda, lugliesa, marinello, pinzamosca, pollera, uslina, white varano, verdella, black vermentino.

The vineyard of the Castel del Piano farm is located on the bank dug in time by the Torrente Taverone; the proximity of the water and the positioning of the vineyard on the north side of the river with an east-west orientation have made it a small microclimate in its own right. In the daytime warm and full of light, at night dry and cold, the ideal climate for the ripening of the grapes.

Wine is a small treasure trove of biodiversity; in fact there are 9 native species with spontaneous grassing, surrounded by shrubs, olive trees, chestnut trees and a wood. As always, however, in the cultivation of grapes, what is most important is the quality of the soil’s pH; to keep it at the required levels, the Castel del Piano farm uses only compost, without pesticides and herbicides, thus ensuring a 100% organic production.

In addition to 6 different wine labels, travelers can also taste and bring with them the oil and honey that are produced here, to try to take away even a piece of this beautiful paradise on earth.

How to taste

The stage with wine tasting is included in the itinerary “Via Francigena on horseback“.