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  • Learn to chisel the marble after discovering secrets and methods of extraction ...
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    Fantiscritti marble quarries

    Fantiscritti marble basins are one of those examples of human...

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    Quarry-Museum Danesi

    In 1987 the quarry man Walter Danesi founded a private...

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    The small village of Colonnata

    Colonnata is one of the quarry areas where marble started...

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    Restaurant ReBacco in Carrara

    A modern Lunigian cuisine with a wide selection of wines

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    The city of Carrara

    The picturesque historic centre of Carrara is certainly worth a...

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    Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara

    The official foundation of the Academy of Fine Arts of...

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    Malaspina Castle Carrara

    In 1861, the Kingdom of Italy announced the Malaspina Castle...


From the marble mountain to a piece of art


A true marble experience

This itinerary will make us discover the fascinating world of marble, from the quarry to its use into urban architecture and art works. A journey back in time across history, ancient and modern techniques of excavation and carving, to learn how nature is shaped into beautiful pieces of art.

You will visit an art atelier where you will have the unique opportunity to experience the art of chiseling a marble slat under the guidance of an expert sculptor.


The Apuan Alps that command the city of Carrara are a true open-air museum where to admire the unique landscape that has been shaped by the unceasing work of man. A must for those wishing to fully understand the bond between the city and this precious stone that have made it popular worldwide.

Our marble discovery tour starts at the Fantiscritti quarries, set in a impressive white marble amphitheatre from where you can enjoy outstanding views over the quarry routes and the “ponti di vara”, picturesque bridges over which your gaze can stretch as far as the sea.

Here we will visit the Cava Museo Danesi to learn about the history of marble excavation and transportation.

Next stop is the quaint village of Colonnata, where our palate will be delighted by the mouthwatering local delicacy here produced and aged into big vats made of marble (from Carrara of course).

We finally get to Carrara for a traditional lunch at a local trattoria before continuing our tour with a guided walk through the historic centre. We will admire the gorgeous Piazza Alberica, the St. Andrew’s Church - cathedral made entirely by marble, the house where Michelangelo used to stay when he came to Carrara to choose his marble blocks, as far as the Malaspina Castle that since 1861 houses the Academy of Fine Arts.

We end our tour at an art atelier where you will see how a block of marble is turned into a piece of art.

I Protagonisti

Be welcomed by the Danesifamily at their Cava Museo, an open-air private collection about the history of marble, founded in 1987 by the quarryman Walter Danesi.

Meet master sculptors at their atelier where we will be shown their instruments and can admire them skillfully chiselling marble blocks.

luoghi esclusivi

We visit the Museum Danesi, a private collection of ancient instruments and pictures, where we will learn about marble excavation techniques and means of transportation from the Roman Age up to today.

Around us we can observe the live show of the excavation activity that involves each day thousands of men and tons of marble.

Carrara is recognized worldwide as the capital of marble both for its precious white stone here quarried and for the highly professional carving know-how.
Meet skillful sculptors at their ateliers where you can admire replicas of popular art pieces as well as original works made in collaboration with internationally-renowned artists.

Marble is not used solely for art but also in everyday life and food production. Learn how lardo from Colonnata, the savoury local delicacy, is traditionally aged into big marble vats at a typical lard workshop.

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Minimum 4 participants

This itinerary is suitable for everybody, also families with kids, as it doesn’t require any specific physical engagement.

The Tourist package includes:

FD qualified tourist guide;

visit at Cava Museum Danesi with the owner;

visit to the lard laboratory and tasting;


visit and activity  at the marble atelier


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