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  • We will try to create an ink according to ancient recipes, we will learn techniques and tricks to better preserve our books and browse the pages of priceless literary works and ancient manuscripts. ...
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    The village of Pontremoli

    Pontremoli is history, tradition, culture and beauty, all summed up...

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    Seminary library of Pontremoli

    The Episcopal Seminary of Pontremoli hosts one of the most...

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    The Restaurant Il Caveau del Teatro

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    Castiglione del Terziere Castle

    Built in the early Middle Ages as fortified village and...


Pages of Lunigiana


At the laboratory of restoration of ancient books we will experience a sensorial journey among different textures, smell of inks and books that will lead us to discover the careful restoration techniques as well as to learn tips to keep and maintain your favourite books at home. We will try to create inks following ancient recipes or the skill of leather stamp.

At Castiglione del Terziere castle leafing the pages of valuable manuscripts and literary masterpieces you will step back to an atmosphere of past times.


Our tour starts in Pontremoli, small town at the far north of Lunigiana, known in the editing industry as the homeland of booksellers. We will visit the splendid library founded in the 1700s together with the bishop seminary by Pope Pio VI. The library has enlarged throughout the years thanks to donations from other convents and private noble families. Today it keeps 25.000 among ancient books, manuscripts and a section about local history. At the laboratory we will learn about the precious work of restoration and conservation of ancient manuscripts.

Typical lunch at a traditional restaurant.

In the afternoon we visit the Castiglione del Terziere castle, cultural hub preserving numerous literary and artworks.Its historic library counts thousands of ancient books printed with movable characters and first editions of some of the main Italian masterpieces.

I Protagonisti

We will meet Elisa, manager of the restoration laboratory, will lead us across the historic library located in the seminary rooms and to her laboratory where we will admire her careful work of recover and restoration of ancient manuscripts and books.

At Castiglione del terziere we will be welcomed by Raffaella, who since her husband professor Loris Jacopo Bononi passed away, carries on his passion to spread unconditional love for books and culture.

luoghi esclusivi

We will visit the Library, which is located in the splendid seminary of Pontremoli, founded in the 1300s by franciscan monks.  Open in the 1700s when Pope Pio VI founded the bishop seminary, it has enlarged throughtout the centuries thanks to donatiom by other convents and noble families. Today it keeps 25000 manuscripts, movable character documents and ancient books, including local history.


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Minimum 4 participants

The itinerary is suitable for everybody, however the access to the caste prevent people with disabilities.

The Tourist Package Includes:

Qualified guide;

visit to the Seminaruy library;

practical activity at the ancient book restoration laboratory;

lunch based on typical products;

visit at the Castiglione del Terziere Castle.

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