Oi Mari Pizza Restaurant in Matera

Traditional cooking and Neapolitan pizza

The Oi Mari Pizza Restaurant in Matera is very scenic; in fact, it is located in the Sasso Barisano area and was built directly into the stone, as the tradition of the Sassi of Matera.

The Menu

The kitchen offers a typical Matera cuisine with regional influences of the nearby areas. Among the appetizers, the carpaccio of cod with marinated orange pumpkin, carrots cream and persimmons with ricotta mousse with heart of ‘nduja. Since the pasta is homemade, it is worth mentioning the cavatelli with peppers, cruschi and Lucanian truffle and the noodles with cod cream and smoked mozzarella with purple potato cips; but also the ravioli of chick peas with sausage (sic!) have to be tried.
Even among the latter there are many orignal reinterpretations of typical Lucan dishes; no doubt in tasting the beef mane stew on smooth escarole with raisins, pine nuts, lamb chops with spring onions and cardoncelli mushrooms. Even the seafood dishes are present among the latter, such as cremolato cod with raisins.
Neapolitan pizzas are also of excellent quality, made with an excellent and digestible dough and top quality ingredients.
Finally, among the desserts, to mention the pastiera and the babà, you will be amazed by the gargantuan size!

How to visit it

Dinner at the Oi Mari pizza restaurant is included in the “From Wheat to Oven: the centenary history of Matera bread” and “Living in Matera, among caves, residences, churches and traditions” experiences.