Panoramic Terrace with View of Matera

A breathtaking view of the Sassi di Matera

To best appreciate the show in Matera, a terrace is for you.
Located in the complex of the Rupestrian Churches of San Nicola dei Greci and of the Madonna della Virtù, there is the former Terrazza Martini. From here you can admire all the wonder of the Sassi, being located exactly in the middle of the Sasso Barisano.

The Menu

The Terrazza’s gastronomic proposal is perfect for a lunch that does not weigh too much, while you are going around the city.
Among the proposals, a particular mention for a typical dish of the Basilicata tradition, the “cialledda”. Cold cialledda is a very cheap recipe typical of the traditions of the past thanks to its rustic and classic flavor. It is prepared with tomatoes and onion and then served in a bowl with toasted bread and parsley, a real treat!
Another extraordinary typical product of Basilicata is the crusco pepper; it is a conical-shaped sweet pepper that becomes “crusco” thanks to its particular preparation process. You must fry it for a few seconds in boiling oil and then cause a heat shock by putting it in the freezer (in winter just put it in the open air). The pepper so treated keeps its sweetness intact, combined with a crispness out of the ordinary. This is a very common product in the area because it is very easy to store after heat treatment.
Of course, the platters with typical meats and cheeses are unmissable, accompanied by the famous bread of Matera.
Everything will be accompanied by a valuable Primitivo wine, produced in local cellars of the area.

How to visit it

Lunch at the Panoramic Terrace between the Sassi of Matera is included in the itinerary “Living in Matera among caves, residences, villages and traditions“.