Trattoria Le Lamie of Rotondella

A typical Lucan dinner

The Trattoria Le Lamie is a jewel of the village of Rotondella; from its traditional Lucan dishes to the breathtaking view of the plain below, it is a prestigious refuge for a typical dinner.

The menu

The menu proposes dishes of the Lucanian tradition and in particular of the area of ​​Rotondella; it goes from the legendary red eggplants in oil, a dish almost unknown in the rest of Italy, up to the frizzùli ca ‘middiche, fresh pasta with bread crumbs.
The peasant tradition a bit poor in this region shines everywhere: from p’pone and savizzedde, dried peppers cooked with sausage, to falahone, calzone stuffed with potatoes cut into slices with peppers and onion or with mashed potatoes with small pieces of sausage or with vegetables of spinach and chard, ending with the king of all the typical products of Rotondella: u pastizzu r’tunnar, calzone stuffed with meat that has obtained the recognition of traditional agri-food product from the Ministry of Agriculture and is included in the national list. A real must if you come to eat at the Trattoria Le Lamie.

How to visit it

The guaranteed binge is included in the itinerary “Villages, flavors and traditions of Lucania“, it is advisable to eat just before.