Historic Residence The Vicinato of Matera

A residence for an aristocratic rest

One of the ancient buildings of the city. This is the ancient watchtower that was part of the city walls to defend the first settlement that constituted the city of Matera, the “Civita”.
The Historical Residence the Vicinato is an apartment of about 100 square meters. That is made available to guests in one of the most beautiful parts of the ancient city.

The interior

The structure consists of two large halls with frescoed vaults typical of the decorations of the noble palaces as well as an entrance hall, kitchen and bathroom. Also, the residence has a long balcony and a terrace overlooking the Sasso Barisano, the Civita and the eighteenth-century artery with its baroque churches.

How to rest

The noble rest in this unique setting is included in the itinerary “From the wheat to the oven: the centenary history of the bread of Matera“.