Crypt of the Original Sin

The Cappella Sistina of Matera

The Crypt of the Original Sin is located in the lands of the Fratelli Dragone, Farm in Contrada Pietrapenta, about 12 km from Matera. Point of excellence of the artistic and cultural heritage of the system of the Rupestrian Churches of Matera. The Cripta, formerly the church of the longobard-Benedictine cenobium, for its extraordinary pictorial cycle, is one of the most significant examples of early Middle-Age’s painting in the Mediterranean. It is located along the wall of the ravine that runs along the farm’s land and is accessible through a route carved between the vineyards and olive groves of the Dragone estate. The Crypt of the Original Sin is remembered in popular memory as the Crypt of the Hundred Saints, for the numerous frescoes whose dating is placed at the beginning of the ninth century CE.

How to visit

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