Rotondella, the Balcony of Ionian Sea

The Look that surrounds the Sea

Ancient emotions in front of its popular beauty, those of the village of Rotondella. Known as the “Balcony of the Ionian Sea” due to the distant glances that plunge into the metapontine plain to observe the entire Gulf of Taranto in its full splendor, with the shimmering sun or moon, from Salento to Calabria. Rotondella is very characteristic for its circular urbanism, which makes it an inextricable and fascinating historical labyrinth. The village, of only 2500 inhabitants, still retains, among the few, the ancient characteristics of the villages of the past, transmits the atmosphere of the past, is an expression of a traditional reality that has not known the strong changes of the fast current world. It will be like living the places frequented by the Lucan peasants that Carlo Levi described so admirably in his “ Christ stopped at Eboli”, it will be like breathing the perfumes and the warmth of the people of Rotondella of a long time ago, when the mothers cooked waiting to call the children who played cackling in the streets of the village, it will be like living the hidden places of the brigands.

How to visit

The guided visit to this romantic and scenographic village is included into “Villages, traditions and flavors of Lucania” experience.