Rupestrian Complex of the Madonna delle Virtù

The church in the rock

The rupestrian church dedicated to the Madonna delle Virtù was built around the year 1000 together with the adjoining monastery that was to house the first settlement of the nuns coming from Accon. It is an example of “negative” architecture having been entirely obtained by digging into the limestone rock.

The church has a system with three naves separated by columns, at the bottom of each of them there is an apse on whose dome vault is engraved with a cross. The ceiling is “donkey-back” decorated with low-relief arches.

Above it is the monastic settlement of San Nicola dei Greci; built around the tenth century, it is one of the oldest crypts in the city of Matera.

How to visit

The guided visit to the Rural Complex of the Madonna delle Virtù is included into “Living in Matera among caves, residences, villages and traditions” experiences.