Sasso Barisano and Sasso Caveoso

Houses in the rock

The Sassi are arranged around and at the bottom of two valleys, shaped by the passage of water, channeled into the so-called “grabiglioni” on the bottom of the same. The SassoBarisano, located along the road that exiting the city continues towards Bari, turned to the north-west, is the richest of carved portals and friezes that hide its underground heart.

The SassoCaveoso, which instead looks to the south, towards Montescaglioso, in the Middle Ages known as Mons Caveosus(from which probably derives its name), is arranged just like the caveaof a theater, with the cave-houses descending in steps. Inside the two Sassi there are also various neighborhoods and districts with picturesque names:  u lammòrd, u parav’s, u p’ndàf’c, u mòlv, u chianèdd, u casalnàv. To divide the two valleys rises the steep cliff of la Civita, which houses the beautiful Romanesque Cathedral. At the foot of the Civitaand at the top of the Sassi lies the Piano, the post-medieval historical center, beyond which the contemporary Matera extends.

How to visit

A guided visit to Bernardini Ferraù Palace is included into “Living in Matera, among caves, residences, villages and traditions“.