The Rupestrian Church of San Pietro Barisano

A mystic place in the heart of Sassi

This rupestrian church, the largest in the city of Matera, takes its name from the district of the most recent construction of the Sassi, the Barisano in which it is located.

The first building of the rupestrian church dates back to around the year one thousand and was initially called the church of San Pietro in Veteribus. Subsequently it was rebuilt in the 13th century, while the masonry façade dates back to 1755. From the outside one can see a bell tower erected on the left side of the church, which is placed on a rocky shelf with a higher level.

Inside the church is divided into three naves, each one has a very simple architecture from the artistic point of view and is separated from the others by quadrangular pillars, while it is connected with full-arched arches. Each nave houses an altar and bookcases.

How to visit

 The guided visit to this mystic place is included into the “Living in Matera among caves, residences, villages and traditions” experience.