The tradition of bread making in Matera

Bread, an ancient tradition of Matera

We invite you to discover the history and flavor of one of the oldest products of the local food and wine tradition; tasty and tasty, with a thick and crispy crust, the bread of Matera (one of the few with the European PGI brand) obtained using Senatore Cappellie durum wheat semolina and other local varieties.

 Make bread

During this experience we discover the secret of goodness that resides in the preparation with selected mother yeast strains and ripe fresh fruit pulp. In fact, the pulp is first kept to macerate in water, and with local wood essences that enhance its characteristic scent and smell. In the meantime you will be told anecdotes, stories and legends related to this production; you will hear the songs of the popular tradition and you will taste the DOC Matera wine.

At the end, the rite of branding with a stamp (wooden statue of local artistic craftsmanship) used to distinguish the various forms of bread produced for the community in the ovens of the city.

How to live the experience

The experience of the Matera tradition is included in the itinerary “Living in Matera among caves, residences, villages and traditions“.