The village of the “Orange Flag” of Touring Club Italiano

Valsinni is a small village perched on an extreme offshoot of Pollino, on the border between Lucania and Calabria.

Suspended between the Ionian sea and the Pollino mountains, very close to one and the other, Valsinni lies on the bank of the river Sinni, which in this stretch collects between steep cliffs, forming loops of striking beauty.

The historical center, inserted by the magazine VANITY FAIR among the 14 most romantic villages in Italy, is dominated and almost subdued by the Baronial Castle, guardian of the sad and mysterious story of Isabella Morra, a 16th century poet, rediscovered by Croce and today considered one of the most authentic voices of Italian female lyric.

The village is dominated by Monte Coppolo, which combines the naturalistic value with the historical value, preserving the walls of ancient Lagaria, founded according to legend, by Epeo, builder of the Trojan Horse.

How to visit

The guided visit to the village of Valsinni is included into “Villages, traditions and flavors of Lucania” experience.