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  • An itinerary to discover all the faces of the City of Matera, from the residences of the most important noble families: the Malvezzi, Santoro and Ferraù, which arise on this "cultural landscape", to cite the definition with which «The Sassi» were welcomed in the Unesco World Heritage. ...
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    Vehicle: On foot
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    The Cathedral of Matera

    The Cathedral of the Madonna della Bruna and Sant'Eustachio is...

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    The Bernardini Ferraù Palace

    The Bernardini Ferraù Palace is a historic residence located in...

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    Casa Noha

    Casa Noha is one of the most significant examples of...

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    The Casa Grotta of Matera

    The Casa Grotta of Matera is the cultural, historical and...

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    Panoramic Terrace with View of Matera

    For a lunch with a view that leaves you breathless

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    Rupestrian Complex of the Madonna delle Virtù

    The rupestrian church dedicated to the Madonna delle Virtù was...

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    The Rupestrian Church of San Pietro Barisano

    This rupestrian church, the largest in the city of Matera,...

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    Crypt of the Original Sin

    The Crypt of the Original Sin It is located in...

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    Masseria Dragone of Matera

    The story of this fascinating Masseria of the nineteenth century...


Living in Matera among caves, residences, villages and traditions


An itinerary to discover all the faces of the City of Matera, from the homes of the most important noble families of the city, to the simple life of the inhabitants of the cave houses of the Barisano.

But also to understand, through the Rupestrian Churches, how man has learned to make of the Sassi a cultural and artistic resource.


Our first day to discover Matera will start from the Piazza del Duomo from which we will move for a visit to the Civitaarea. During the walk we will listen to the story of the birth of the city and its development. We will then enter the Cathedral and we will make a tour in the Castelvecchioarea where we will have access to the Palazzo BernardiniFerraù. Here the owner will guide us in a private visit of the house and tell us the story of the family and of the construction of the same.

We will then go to Casa Noah, the cultural, historical and genetic symbol of the inhabitants of the Sassi.

We will move outside the walls, to discover the life of the farmers in the caves of the Barisanowhere we will visit one of the private homes and listen to the direct story of those who live there daily (visit Casa Grottain via Fiorentini,RizziEustachi).

We will have lunch based on typical products, before heading to the Rupestrian complex of the Madonna delleVirtùand San Nicola dei Greci, a splendid example of a Latin style church (M. delleVirtù) and a Byzantine style (S. N. dei Greci). And to the Rupestrian church of San Pietro Barisanoand its catacombs, the most important and largest rock churches in the city of Matera located in the Barisanostone.

After having dinner we will go to the historic residence "Il Vicinato" where we will spend the night.

The second day we move just outside Matera, where we will visit one of the most evocative, fascinating and mysterious Rupestrian churches in Southern Italy, known for its frescoes as the "Sistine Chapel of the Rock": The Crypt of Original Sin.

We will continue with the visit to the Dragone farm where we will meet the 3rd generation Aldo winemaker who will guide us in his company making us live the passion for his land and describing the daily habits of the life of the farmer in the countryside.

After the visit we will stop here for lunch, together with the Dragone family, with freshly picked and local produce.

I Protagonisti

Annarosa Bernardini Partipilo Papalia, will open us the doors of Palazzo Bernardini Ferraù.

Along the way we will meet Nicola Rizzo, one of the inhabitants of the Sassi, who will let us experience the charm of the Sassi through stories and anecdotes of which he was the protagonist.

Mr. Eustachio Rizzi will welcome us inside the “cave house” in which he lives and will show us its characteristics.

Finally, the Dragone family will show us his farm and invite us to stop for lunch.

luoghi esclusivi

Thanks to our partnership with the association “Dimore Storiche Italiane”, we will have the privilege to visit Palazzo Bernardini Ferraù.

We can also visit Casa Noah, donated to FAI, partner of Tramed'Italia, in 2004, where we can live an ancient and modern experience at the same time.

We will enter a private Cave House in an exclusive way.

The Dragone family will welcome us in its Masseria.

da sapere

The TouristPackage Includes:

- Overnight in residence / Palazzo Storico in Matera,

-N. 1 tastingof typicalproducts with drinksincluded;

-N. 1 F / D visitof the city of MATERA.

- Entranceto the Palazzo Bernardini / Ferraù,

- Entranceto Casa Noha

- Entranceto the Casa Grotta and Matera in miniature of via Fiorentini

-Admissionsto the RupestrianChurchesMadonna delle Virtù and San Nicola dei Greci, San Pietro Barisano and the catacombsand the cryptof the OriginalSin.


Services on request:

Transfer: Matera - DragoneFarm and Crypt of Original Sin

from 1 to 3 persons € 55

from 4 to 8 persons € 90

from 8 to 12 persons € 130

Through our partner, the consortium of cooperatives The Essential City, our guests can also purchase the following services at discounted prices:

Transfer Bari / Matera: £ 70 per way

Baby Parking: 15 £ per hour

Baby Sitter: 15 £ per hour

Strolleysharing: £ 5 per hour / £ 20 per day

Animation service: £ 65 per group per hour

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