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  • If you are in Matera and want to take a complete itinerary of all the wonders of the city, accompanied by an expert guide of the place, this is the itinerary for you! ...
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    Period:1 day
    Vehicle: On foot
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    The Cathedral of Matera

    The Cathedral of the Madonna della Bruna and Sant'Eustachio is...

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    The Bernardini Ferraù Palace

    The Bernardini Ferraù Palace is a historic residence located in...

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    Casa Noha

    Casa Noha is one of the most significant examples of...

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    The Casa Grotta of Matera

    The Casa Grotta of Matera is the cultural, historical and...

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    Panoramic Terrace with View of Matera

    For a lunch with a view that leaves you breathless

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    The Sassi of Matera

    The Sassi are arranged around and at the bottom of...

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    Rupestrian Complex of the Madonna delle Virtù

    The rupestrian church dedicated to the Madonna delle Virtù was...

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    The Rupestrian Church of San Pietro Barisano

    This rupestrian church, the largest in the city of Matera,...


One day in Matera


Discovering Matera, a daily itinerary

If you are in Matera and want to take a complete itinerary of all the wonders of the city, accompanied by an expert guide of the place, this is the itinerary for you!

In the morning we will meet with an expert on the history of rock landscapes and we will begin the discovering Matera and the Civita area. During the walk we will listen to the story of the birth of the city and its development. We will then enter the Cathedral and we will make a tour in the Castelvecchio area where we will have exclusive access to Palazzo Bernardini Ferraù, here we will be welcomed by the owner, Mrs. Anna Rosa Bernardini Papalia, who will tell us many curiosities about her home.

We will then go to Casa Noha, the cultural, historical and genetic symbol of the inhabitants of the Sassi thanks to the tuff structure, the vaulted ceilings, the delicate carvings and the frames, the building is an extraordinary example of the private architecture of the Sassi.

We will then move outside the walls, to discover the life of the peasants in the caves of Sasso Barisano and Sasso Caveoso, here we will visit the Casa Grotta, a beautiful house rebuilt with furniture and period furnishings and we will listen to Nicola's direct story. An artist who has set up his home right there.

For lunch we move to a renowned terrace where, enjoying a unique view, we can taste the best local products. Then we will move towards the rock complex of the Madonna delle Virtù and San Nicola dei Greci, a splendid example of a Latin style church (M. delle Virtù) and a Byzantine style (SN dei Greci), where the exhibition "Salvador Dalì Matera" is now housed. An anthology of the Catalan surrealist painter.

We will continue our walk to the rock church of San Pietro Barisano and its catacombs, the most important and largest of the rock churches in the city located in the Sasso Barisano.

We will continue the visit to the San Biagio district to the Palombaro Lungo, the largest water cistern in the city, dug under the central Piazza Vittorio Veneto, which is part of the Santo Spirito cave church and of the Hypogeum complex of Piazza Vittorio Veneto.

I Protagonisti

We will have the opportunity to meet two very characteristic characters of the territory: after visiting the Casa Grotta, we will meet the surrealist painter Nicola Rizzo, who has his own workshop among the Sassi and he will tell us how life is in this place.

In the afternoon we will meet the marquess Anna Rosa Bernardini Papalia, owner of Palazzo Bernardini Ferraù, one of the most stunning historical palaces of Matera for its wealth of decorations and furniture, as well as for the large quantity of pieces of art present in it.

luoghi esclusivi

Every place in Matera could be considered exclusive, but we take you to some places that are not normally accessible by the public, such as Palazzo Bernardini Ferraù.

da sapere

The itinerary includes:

• guided tour of the city of Matera to the districts: Sasso Civita, Barisano and Caveoso;

• Casa Grotta entrance

• meeting with the artist Nicola Rizzo

• tasting of typical products with drinks included for two people;

• Entrance to Palazzo Bernardini Ferraù and to the good of the “FAI”, Casa Noha;

• Entrance to the Rupestrian Churches Madonna delle Virtù and San Nicola dei Greci, San Pietro Barisano and the catacombs;

• Entry to the Palombaro Lungo.

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