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  • A short itinerary by App to discover every aspects of this beautiful city ...
    Amount: €130
    Period:1 day
    Vehicle: OYO - virtual guide by App, On foot
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    The Cathedral

    Visit of the Cathedral

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    The Bernardini Ferraù Palace

    Visit of the palace with the marquise - Experience

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    Casa Noha

    Visit of the house - Experience

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    The Casa Grotta

    Visit of the house with the owner

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    Panoramic Terrace with View

    Meal with local food

  • - -

    Sasso Barisano and Sasso Caveoso

    Panoramic point

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    Rupestrian Complex of the Madonna delle Virtù

    Visit of the church

  • - -

    The Rupestrian Church of San Pietro Barisano

    Visit of the church


One day in Matera


Thanks to Associazione Dimore Storiche Italiane, you will have exclusive access to Palazzo Bernardini Ferraù.

You will then visit Casa Noha, the cultural, historical and genetic symbol of the inhabitants of the Sassi thanks to the tuff structure, the vaulted ceilings, the delicate carvings and the frames, the building is an extraordinary example of the private architecture of the Sassi.

In the caves of Sasso Barisano and Sasso Caveoso, you will visit the Casa Grotta, a beautiful house rebuilt with furniture and period furnishings.


I Protagonisti

You will meet the marquess Anna Rosa Bernardini Papalia, owner of Palazzo Bernardini Ferraù, one of the most stunning historical palaces of Matera for its wealth of decorations and furniture, as well as for the large quantity of pieces of art present in it.

You will have the opportunity to meet two very characteristic characters of the territory: after visiting the Casa Grotta with the owner Mr. Eustachio, you will meet the surrealist painter Nicola Rizzo, who has his own workshop among the Sassi and he will tell you how life is in this place.


luoghi esclusivi

Palazzo Bernardini Ferraù _ this place represents one of the most important building  belonged to the aristocratic family Ferraù

Casa Noha _ since 2004, FAI allows visits in the little gem, an example of private house in Sassi of Matera

Casa Grotta _ Here the history of South Italy carry on through this antiques

da sapere

The package includes

  • guided tour of the city of Matera with the App OYO
  • visit of Casa Grotta
  • meeting with the artist Nicola Rizzo
  • tasting of typical products with drinks included for two people;
  • visit of Palazzo Bernardini Ferraù and to the good of the “FAI”, Casa Noha;
  • visit of the Rupestrian Churches Madonna delle Virtù and San Nicola dei Greci, San Pietro Barisano and the catacombs
  • entry to the Palombaro Lungo.

Transfer from one step to the next one is not included.

The itinerary is also available with the guide of an expert instead of the OYO App.

For more information call +39 02 89 092 665

* Puoi prenotare l'itinerario da due giorni dalla data odierna. Se hai esigenza di prenotarlo per quelle date telefona al numero +39 0289092665.

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The best period to visit Matera is from April to November. In July and August temperatures reach 35°C.

How to arrive

CAR: from Adriatic Coast E55, from Tirrenic Coast E45+E847

TRAIN: from Bari, Bari Airport - Matera (by PUGLIAIRBUS)

FLIGHT: landing in Bari Airport


Autoservizi Damasco, Recinto XX Settembre, 12 Matera (200 meters from Sassi)

Price for one person

Is it a guided tour?

App OYO by Trame D'Italia is the guide. You will receive the code to download once the booking is confirmed. The App includes a map of the location, the itinerary with each step and contacts.

Is it possible to book the itinerary without the App?

The itinerary is also available with the guide of an expert instead of the OYO App. In that case contact us.

In case of delay, are there any consequences?

We suggest you to begin the itinerary at 10 a.m. in order to make every step in time.

what are the consequences in case of no-show?

We can't accept cancellations within 48 hours from the start: refund is no more possible.