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  • Making pasta with italian grandmas while visiting two of the most stunning villages of Lucania ...
    Amount: €140
    Period:1 day
    Vehicle: On foot
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    Valsinni, village of the "Orange Flag" of Touring Club Italiano

    Perched on a ridge of clay, in the heart of...

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    The Castle of Morra Family in Valsinni

    The castle that saw the end of the poet Isabella...

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    Rotondella, the Balcony of Ionian Sea

    A romantic village, perfect to fall in love

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    Trattoria Le Lamie of Rotondella

    A typical lucan dinner with an outstanding landscape

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    Hotel Houses in Rotondella

    Traditional houses of Lucania that have all been refurbished with...


Villages, traditions and flavors of Lucania


Thanks to the activation of the “Literary Park” dedicated to Isabella Morra, Valsinniis today able to offer unique and unrepeatable experiences. The Literary Park, in fact, synthesizes and combines literature, history, geography, ecology, art, theater, in a solution capable of actively involving visitors, who can thus become protagonists of a participatory discovery of the territory. The visit to the emblematic places of Isabella Morra'spoetry is associated with moments of literary and theatrical animation, where actors and guide-singers "tell" the places, interacting with the visitors.

We will thus take part in a spectacular visit, which will allow us to discover the soul of the places, using poetry as a key to understanding the territory.

In the afternoon we will try in the production of homemade pasta with the masterly and skilled mastery of the “Grandmothers Chesf”. Armed with "mattarelli", "ferretti" and "schcanatùrë" and with ancient grains of flour, the classic "homemade pasta" will be prepared!

The experience with the "Grandmothers Chefs" is the expression of an ancient wisdom, of gestures, rituals and fragrances reminiscent of childhood ... of emotions that come straight to the heart: our grandmothers represent the desire to recover, pass on and above all, do not forget the true identity made of priceless values.


Our tour to discover these two villages awarded by the “Orange Flags” of “Touring Club” will start in the morning with a visit to the village of Valsinniled by a storyteller who will tell us the story. At the end of the walk we will stop for a tasty lunch based on typical local products.

In the afternoon we will reach the village of Rotondella, where together with the “Grandmothers chefs” we will learn how to make pasta following the oldest traditional recipes.

At the end of this unique experience we will go to dinner at the "Trattoria Le Lamie" where besides savoring the excellent typical dishes, we will also taste the pasta we made in the afternoon.


I Protagonisti

A storyteller and a minstrel will accompany us through the streets of the medieval village for a journey into memory 


We will meet the Grandmothers Chefs who will teach us how to make pasta according to ancient tradition.

luoghi esclusivi

We will visit the Morracastle where we can admire a prestigious display of historical clothes.

da sapere

The experience is suitable for everyone, including children.

 The Tourist Package Includes:

- Guided tour of Valsinni
- Typical lunch
- visit of Rotondella
- Pasta laboratory
- Dinner
- Overnight at «Hotel houses»
- Breakfast
You can detach the overnight stay, contact us!
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