La Tana dei Sapori in Olivola

Traditional restaurant in Olivola

In Olivola, in the hills of the Basso Monferrato, this restaurant is a refuge loved by those who want a traditional cuisine without frills. The atmosphere is warm, with its bright tones and the visible arches and the service makes you feel like home.
Thanks also to a view overlooking the small valleys in the hills, it is a perfect stop for a biking day.

The Menu

Being a restaurant that respects tradition, here you will find the quintessence of typical products of Monferrato.
As a first course you can find the classic selection of local cured meats, the Fassona lemon meat carpaccio, the cooked salami and the seasonal Julienne vegetables.
Among the first curses, the agnolotti alla monferrina dominate, a real must in the area, and depending on the season,  is the risotto with mushrooms or asparagus. While among the second curses you can choice choice, Piedmontese meat, that goes from the legendary roast of the vein with vegetables au gratin to lamb chops stewed, uncommon and never banal. You can also find the pork fillet with zola and walnuts or the typical Piedmontese braised, another recommended specialty.
Special mention for desserts, which are a strong point of the restaurant; you can taste some uncommon cheesecake, such as lavender or aniseed, or more traditional dishes such as tart with peach jam and chocolate salami.

How to visit it

Lunch at the Tana dei Sapori is included in the itinerary “Biking in Monferrato: from the Po river to the Sacred Mountain of Crea“.