Restaurant Le Terre Rosse

Monferrato typicality in Le Terre Rosse

Le Terre Rosse restaurant offers a typical menu of the territory of Monferrato.
In a warm atmosphere, typical of this area, you can taste some of the culinary specialties that have made this area great.

The menu

A mix of appetizers is the best presentation for this restaurant: from the typical salami platter and the Fassona Piemontese joke, to the more particular peppers with mint and rabbit tuna.
Following, among the first, homemade agnolotti are the specialty of the restaurant; but do not forget the risotto with asparagus tips and the gnocchetti with fabulous Castelmagno cheese. And of course the linguini with truffles.
Then large selection of main courses: the typical roast of the “vein”, grilled tomini and cheeses with jam are our personal advice.
Finally, among the desserts stand out the classic Piedmontese cake, the Bunet and the torronata; you can also choose a “palette of sweets” to not miss a taste.

How to visit it

Dinner at Le Terre Rosse Restaurant is included in the itinerary “Palaces, Castelli e Leggende nel Monferrato“.