Traditional Osteria La Colombara

The Traditional Osteria of Hunters and Fishermen
La Colombara

La Colombara, a typical Piedmontese trattoria, is located in the homonymous village of Livorno Ferraris, just 15 minutes from Vercelli.

The restaurant offers a careful selection of traditional Piedmontese dishes, keeping intact the contact with the ancient flavors of this area.
The environment is that of the classic Piedmontese osteria, decorated with tools that were part of the daily life of the rural populations, such as scythes, hoes, spades and plows.

The menu

Among the starters, the traditional Piedmontese cold cuts and the veal with tuna sauce.
Among the first you can taste a panissa vercellese  and agnolotti, symbol of Monferrato.
As main courses, meat is the master, like the typical roast of the vein, but there is also room for traditional cheeses.
It is a simple and tasty cuisine with robust flavors, which originates in the countryside.

Finally, but not least, the Piedmontese fried mix – in the dialect Fricassà mëscià – legacy of rural traditions.
It is a traditional dish, based on breaded and fried entrails  . An entire menu is dedicated to this typical dish.

How to visit it

The typical lunch at the trattoria La Colombara is included in the itinerary “The path of the Templars: between symbolism and legend“.