Cà Nova Winery

A special “infernot

Cà Nova Winery is located in one of the highest and most intense wine-growing traditions in Italy, where the hills are covered with rows as far as the eye can see. This territory so rich, for many centuries belonging to the possessions of the Marquis of Monferrato, owed its specificity to another characteristic: the rocks of the ground are rich in a very resistant yellowish sandstone, known as Pietra da Cantoni, a very effective construction stone. As many private homes stood on deposits of this material, many were found with a small quarry at home. This is where the history of Cà Nova starts, a winery that has been owned by the Bellero family since the early 1900s.

The name of the winery, dating back to the end of the seventeenth century, derives from “Canova”, the name of the ancient farmhouse of the maternal family of Marco Bellero, current owner, located in Rosignano, formerly belonging to the Gazzone counts to which the coat of arms of the company: three towers of silver surmounted by a golden roof on which two magpies stand on the front.

The cellar space has been created for the conservation of wine and food thanks to its natural ability to maintain the same temperature throughout the year, almost like a natural refrigerator. Thanks to the lack of light and ventilation from the outside, the space enjoys a fresh climate and constant humidity, essential for the good conservation of wines.

A very characteristic element of this cellar are the tools that the ancestors of Marco Bellero used in the farms and vineyards. Next to them are the plates with the original names in the Piedmontese dialect so as not to make us forget about that ancient bond that unites the land with the people.

Here, the Monferrato wine tradition is alive and healthy, combined with the most modern and refined production techniques to offer a product of the highest quality. The choice is very broad and fully reflects the tradition of the territory: you can find all the famous range of robust red wines to counter the combative cuisine of Monferrato: the Barbera d’Asti, the Grignolino del Monferrato Casalese, the Monferrato Freisa, and the Piedmontese Bonarda; but there is another classic of the tradition, the Monferrato Casalese Cortese, a very balanced white wine with a slightly bitter aftertaste, ideal for starters.

How to visit the Winery

The guided tour by the owner of the Ca ‘Nova Winery is included in the daily itinerary “Wine tradition of the Monferrato” and in the two days experience “Monferrato and its Infernot“.