Camagna Monferrato

The wonderful village of Camagna Monferrato

Among these hills you can not escape the unusual profile of Camagna, dominated as it is by its parish church: the majestic nineteenth-century dome of the architect Crescentino Caselli takes up the structure set up a few years earlier by his illustrious master Antonelli in the dome of San Gaudenzioin Novara.

Starting, probably, by Charlemagne and through successive donations, the territories that comprise the current municipality of Camagnabelonged, from the twelfth century, to the Aleramici, who transmitted them to the Palaeologistsand the Gonzagas. The latter showed a particularly appreciation for the wines produced at the time in Camagna,infact, they often were ordering Barberaand Grignolinofor the cellar of their Castle in Casale.Camagnaspreads on a hill that, located between the streams Rotaldoand Grana, reaches 261 m. of altitude and offers a wonderful panorama.

How to visit

The visit by bike of Camagna is included into the “Biking in Monferrato: from the Po river to Sacred Mountain of Crea” experience.