Cella Monte

Cella Monte, the monks Hermitage

” Cella ” or more often “Celle” (a locum cellarum) refers to small monastic settlements called also “Obedience”. In these cells erected by the monks in the early Middle Ages, travelers were welcomed. The first monastic settlements arose in fact around the VIII century next to important routes that led to the east of Vercelli and north of Turin (Augusta Taurinorum). From the data of the historical archive, the first records date back to March 4, 1339. At the origin of the village as a point of hospitality for travelers there were some import cults such as San Quirico and Longobard settlements. The stable bases of the territorial organization were thrown towards the tenth century with the dislocation of the main fortified points between the tenth and twelfth centuries.

The five castles of Cella Monte

Cell was defended in antiquity by five castles or strongholds that the owners of the fiefdom have built for their own protection. The ancient feudal homes being no longer indispensable, over the centuries they were refined, preserving only the traces of their primitive structure, all to be discovered.

How to visit

The visit to Cella Monte is included into the “Monferrato and its Infernot” experience.