Ecomuseo of "Pietra da Cantoni"

The Ecomuseo, where stone lives

Ecomuseo its a very special place to discover one of the most ancient feature of the Monferrato Area. The “Pietra da Cantoni” of Monferrato Casalese is one of the most precious Miocene stone for construction. Its a very rare stone, along with “Pietra Leccese” and a few others, that you can find on the Italian territory.

Formation of the stone

Its geological history, like those of many similar Miocene deposits, is linked to the formation of the Appennini chain, which caused changes in sea level, with consequent periods of emergence of the seabed and formation of real islands. One of these occupied a large part of the CasaleMonferrato at the beginning of the Miocene, starting around 22 million years ago.
The soil of this island was formed by the oldest marine sediments, such as the enocenecement marls of the Casale Monferrato Formation or the more recent oligo-Miocene marl of the Antognola Formation.

How to visit

The entrance to the Ecomuseo is included into the “Monferrato and its Infernot” experience.