Farmhouse Bottazza

A dinner at the farmhouse

Agriturismo Bottazza is first of all an old farmhouse, typical of the territory of Monferrato.
The production is 100% handmade; the vineyard produces the wine as well as the Piemontese cattle breeding the meat. In fact it is the ideal place to immerse yourself in the culinary and wine culture of Monferrato, not far from Casale.

The menu

Among the traditional starters, we find the tasting of salami, the Fassona steak and a delicious zucchini flan.
The first lead us with open arms towards the typical local cuisine: the agnolotti with Monferrato sauce and, depending on the season, a risotto with asparagus or porcini mushrooms.
The choice for the main course corresponds to different types of Piedmontese meat cuts bred on site; and among other things, there is also the meat shop to buy some.
Finally, as a dessert, the classic nougat semifreddo with chocolate spikes, a delicacy so dear in the Piedmontese area.

How to visit it

The dinner at Agriturismo Bottazza is included in the itinerary “The hills of Monferrato: a journey to discover the places of Faith“.