Frassinello Monferrato

The village of Frassinello

The small village of Frassinello Monferrato boasts a thousand-year history. The name probably derives from “fraxinus”, ash tree. A fascinating hypothesis connects the name to the presence of the Arabs in Piedmont.

The castle and the village were subdued to Barloffa, forefather of the Nemours, in the XIII century. This family held the fortunes of the town for centuries (from 1787 the family became Sacchi- Nemours). In the area of Lignanothere was a villa of Roman times: on its ruins arose in the eleventh century a castle, still present, which was also the home of the leader Facino Cane.

How to visit

The visit by bike of the village is included into the “Biking in Monferrato: from the Po river to Sacred Mountain of Crea” experience.