Giarole Castle

Giarole, the castle and the village

The castle of Giarole was built following a diploma given by the emperor Federico Barbarossa to four knights of the Sannazzaro family in 1163. Among other privileges, he allowed them to build a castle wherever they wanted in their possessions. It is located on the plain at the eastern limits of Monferrato a few kilometers from Casale Monferrato. This area is full of vineyards hills, pretty medieval villages and the Po river.

Over the centuries it has been remodeled to be transformed from a defensive castle to a country residence . However, it still retains its original structure with three of the four towers, a moat and traces of the entrance drawbridge.

In the eighteenth century the southern wing was redecorated. The western and northern wing were the subject of an important restoration and redecoration in the period between 1854 and 1857.

How to visit

The guided visit to the Castle is included into the “Palaces, Castles and Legends in Monferrato” experience.