Infernot in Fubine Monferrato

The Infernot of Fubine Monferrato

Thanks to the particular geological characteristics of this terrain commonly called “tuff”, but in the case of Fubine Monferrato is identifiable in sandy-silty levels, these hypogeal cavities maintain constant temperature and humidity throughout the year. Places of “ribote” (drinking and eating seasoned by the pleasure of being together) were often the only meeting places for young people who could not move from the country because they lacked the means to do it (bicycle). It was customary among the peasant families to bottle a bottle of wine on the day of the birth of a new family member: on the bottle the name, surname and date of birth was written with the chalk; gypsum was used, the only material capable of withstanding the environmental conditions of these sites without deteriorating. From simple single-chamber structures we move to more complex constructions with multiple chambers and different depth levels. On the territory of Fubine Monferrato more than 50 have been registered with different characteristics (single-chamber, multi-chamber, with or without central pillar, etc.).

How to visit

The guided visit to the infernot in Fubine Monferrato is included into the “Monferrato and its Infernot” experience.