Rossi Pastry Shop

The Krumiri of the Rossi Pastry

The Krumiri are the culinary institution (sweet, in antithesis with agnolotti, salted) of Casale Monferrato.
In fact it is one of the most recognizable products at international level in the Monferrato area.

The origin of the biscuit symbol of Casale

Among the streets of the historic center of Casale, a sweet fragrance guides passersby to the historic Pasticceria Rossi. Here the Portinaro family prepares the symbolic biscuits of the city every day, preserving with jealousy and pride the true original recipe. It is certain that Casale’s krumiri were created by a famous local confectioner, Domenico Rossi, around 1870, and who took the name from the Krumiro liqueur.
Tradition says that the pastry chef, inspired by the liqueur, has returned to the workshop to create a new dessert suitable for his favorite beverage.

The handlebar shape

In 1878, the year in which Victor Emmanuel II died, biscuits were folded in the typical shape that has characterized them since, in homage to the king’s famous handlebar mustache.
At the dawn of the new century they could already boast a series of important recognitions. First of all the bronze medal won at the Universal Exposition of Turin in 1884. Then from the Diplomas of “Superintendent of the House of His Highness the Duke of Aosta”, of the Duke of Genoa and of the “Royal House of Italy in the person of Umberto I “. And in 1900 the Grand Diploma of Honor of the Exposition of Casale arrived.

How to visit it

The visit to the pastry shop is included in the itineraries “The hills of Monferrato: a journey to discover the places of Faith” and “Palaces, castles and legends in the Monferrato“.

The laboratory can be visited in the itinerary only on Wednesdays and Thursdays.