Mirabello Monferrato

The village of Mirabello Monferrato

The first attestation of Mirabello, dating back to 1143, that of MIRABELLUS, presents the variants of “Mirabel” and “Mirabell” that correspond phonetically to the outcome of the dialectal dialect. Its origins date back to ancient times. In the tenth century it became part of the possessions of Aimone III of Vercelli, then of the Vercelli episcopate and, later, of the lords of Bassignana. It was one of the first domains of the Marquises of Monferrato, to which it was donated by Frederick I in 1161.

Among the vestiges of his past are: the ancient tower located in the suburban area; the castle, several times renovated, visible in Baldesco; the circular tower that became the apse of the church of San Michele, in Baroque style; the parish church of San Vincenzo, built in the seventeenth century.

How to visit

The tour through Mirabello by bike is included into the “Biking in Monferrato: from the Po river to the Sacred Mountain of Crea“.