Montalbera Winery

The Home of Ruché of Montalbera

The Montalbera Agricultural Company was founded at the beginning of the twentieth century in an area between the towns of Grana, Castagnole Monferrato and Montemagno. In the mid-eighties, the Morando family adopted a policy of expansion not yet completed, with the acquisition of neighboring land and the direct planting of new vineyards, mainly in Ruché. Today the company is surrounded by proprietary vineyards arranged in a circular form with a single body in an entirely hilly position, with different exposures and soils ranging from clay to limestone. One of the peculiarities that has always distinguished Montalbera in the Piedmontese landscape is that of being a reality between the two great wine regions of Piedmont: the Monferrato and the Langhe. The vineyards cover six whole hills, while the cultivation of the typical Piedmontese hazelnut is at the bottom of the valley. The vines have ages ranging from 7 to 30 years, the form of breeding is the low guyot and each cultivation operation is performed by hand. 82 hectares are planted in Ruchè, corresponding to 60% of the entire denomination. The other varieties implanted are Barbera and Grignolino.

The “Fruit Wine”

For generations the Morando family has believed and invested in Piedmontese viticulture and for years has devoted itself with passion to the valorization of the Ruché autochthonous.

And thanks to this constant commitment, today Montalbera stands by right among the great wineries of Piedmont. The foundations of this success lie in solid and recognizable values that translate very clearly into the wines produced by the company. Rigor and planning. Interpretation and terroir. These are the bases of the Montalbera production philosophy. A thought that puts at the center of all the fruit wine, exalting the great peculiarities of the vineyards, interpreting their characteristics and declining them in different ways, from steel to wood, from over-ripening to drying, so as to enhance the faceted personality of each grape variety.

How to visit it

The visit with tasting of the autochthonous Ruché is included in the itinerary “The Wine of Nobles, Grignolino, regain its place“.