Montemagno and its Castle

Between Langhe and Monferrato

Arriving in Montemagno from Castagnole Monferrato you can enjoy a view of rare beauty over the village. In the walk around the castle walls, the view over the gentle hills of the Basso Monferrato and the surrounding villages is amazing.


The oldest part of the village was formed around the year 1000 on the top of a hill then covered with woods (from there the toponym Montemagno) that was fortified with the castle, then belonging to the Marquis of Monferrato. The original medieval structure of this village, unique in the Basso Monferrato, is still visible today with twelve lanes that radiate out from the medieval castle with its crenellated towers, is certainly one of the most fascinating manor houses in the province (private, not open to visitors). Particularly interesting in the historic center is the baroque parish church of S. Martino (eighteenth century) which is accessed by a monumental baroque staircase with three terraces of great scenographic impact. Don’t miss to walk around in the characteristic alleys with medieval houses with wooden balconies and the so-called “Casa sul Portone”, a building that is part of the medieval walls today used as an exhibition hall. A walk to the church of Santa Maria of the Cava with fifteenth-century frescoes and the remains of the Romanesque church of San Vittore near the cemetery is recommended. Just outside the village, a walk leads to the rural church of the Madonna of Vallinò.

How to visit it

The guided tour of the village of Montemagno is included in the itinerary “The Wine of Nobles, Grignolino, regain its place“.