Restaurant Il Biancospino in Fubine

A familiar place

Il Biancospino restaurant, a few km from Fubine, is a special place to enjoy the atmosphere of home cooking.
The restaurant is family owned and all products are homemade: from pasta to jams.
The family atmosphere can be appreciated in the collection room around the fireplace and in a curious Monferrato tradition, the wine doggy bag. In fact, a service is offered that in Piedmontese dialect is called buta stuppa, or bottle uncorked. The room service keeps the cap of your wine and if you have not finished it at the end of the meal, you can put the cap back on and take the bottle away.

The menu

Telling in a few lines the phantasmagoric menu of Il Biancospino is difficult, if not impossible. It can be summarized as follows: these are themed menus, which revolve around a typical dish from the Monferrato and Piedmontese tradition.
In fact, you can choose between: the Bagna Cauda menu, which obviously sees as the main dish the legendary Bagna caòda described for the first time in 1875 by the novelist Roberto Sacchetti as we know it today. A typical dish of the poor rural cuisine of the Monferrato area. We then move on to the Agnolottata menu, in which it is the typical fresh pasta roll in three variations: with butter and sage, with Barbera wine and with meat sauce from Monferrato. And then again, the Polentata menu, with polenta served with fondue, with sausage and mushrooms and with braised morsels; the “Bollito Misto alla Piemontese” menu, prepared entirely with Piedmontese meat; and last but not least, the Fritto Misto menu, the typical Milanese fry and breaded animal entrails.
The wines come all from the cellars of the Monferrato Casalese and Asti, allowing the tasting of some of the best Barbera d’Asti and Grignolino.

How to visit it

Lunch at the Il Biancospino restaurant is included in the itinerary “Monferrato and its Infernot“.