Rice Farm Il Principato di Lucedio

A sacred farm

The history of the Lucedio agricultural complex begins nine centuries ago; one of the first communities of Cistercian monks in Europe settled there. In order not to contravene the prohibition of direct exploitation of land and taxes, the monks organized a skilful stratagem: the plots of land were entrusted to the so-called conversi brothers, secular landowners, who returned part of the revenue derived from the usufruct of this fertile land.
The structure was a mystical place for the Aleramici, in fact in the ancient church dating back to 1150 and then rebuilt in 1770, there are the remains of many Marquises of Monferrato rest.
In 1787 the complex was secularized and became private; his new owner, the Genoese duke Raffaele de Ferrari of Galliera, obtained the title of Prince by King Umberto I for his loyalty.

The mystery of the Crying Column

If this is not enough to make it a particular place, there is a mystery that involves nothing less than the Devil.
It is said that in 1684 a group of wizards evoked the Devil near a cemetery in the area, between the abbey of Lucedio and the Grangia of Darola. Lost control of the evocation, the evil spirit took possession of the mind of the monks of Lucedio, who began a period of abuse and harassment on all the inhabitants of the area.
From this legend the myth of the “Crying Column” starts. It is a column in solid granite still placed today in the chapter house, from which without a well-specified reason gushing out drops of water, as if they are tears. This strange phenomenon is attributed to all the horrors to which the column must have assisted silently.
The demons’ possession of the monks lasted at least another century, until Pope Pius VI, in 1784, sent an exorcist from Rome. The exorcist then placed the mummies of the abbots of the monastery in a circle, sealing the Devil in the crypt of the abbey.
The abbey was immediately secularized (1787) and the monks were dispersed in convents in the area.

The Devil’s sheet music

As a final guarantee, a score was composed, called precisely “Spartito del Diavolo” (Devil’s Sheet) which according to experts of esotericism and black magic would have paranormal powers; in fact, if played in the correct direction it would help to increase the strength of the seal, if played on the contrary it would free the demon.
The score is on the façade of the abandoned Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Vigne, a place that over time has become a pilgrimage destination for Satanist groups throughout Europe. The musicologist Paola Briccarello in 1999 studied the score and discovered its secrets: replacing the notes with the letters, the score says the words “God”, “Faith”, “Abbey”. What is even stranger is that the three initial agreements are typical agreements for closing liturgical music, almost as if it had been written to the contrary.

How to visit it

The visit to this mystical place and to the rice farm, which produces one of the best rices of Vercelli, is included in the itinerary “The path of the Templars: between symbolism and legend“.