Sannazzaro Natta Palace

The Palace of the Sannazzaro Natta Family

Sannazzaro Palace was built by the will of Giambattista, administrator and mayor of Casale in the years 1741-42 and 1745. Erected  on a medieval pre-existence, which traces of single-fired brick and Ghibelline merlons remain visible.

The construction works, begun in 1734, were contracted to the architect Giacomo Zanetti who did not complete the work due to the premature death (1735). The construction site passed to his brother Donato and to uncle Martino Donati, Giacomo’s supervisors and associates.

Embellishment works were realized in view of the marriage of the count with Maria Lucrezia Bellone of the Marquises of Altavilla, led to the altar in 1737.

Built around a quadrangular courtyard, the building can be accessed by an elegant portal surmounted by the coat of arms of the Sannazzaro family. A family with a thousand years of history, originally from the place of San Nazzaro, today called Sannazzarode ‘Burgundi.

Particularly elegant is the fresco of the ballroom with the Homage of the Arts, executed in 1735.

How to visit

The Palace is part of the itinerary: Palaces, Castles and Legends in Monferrato