The Castle of Casale Monferrato

The rampart of the village

The construction of the current Castle started by the will of Giovanni II Paleologo. He was the heir of the last dynasty of Bizantine emperors and Marquis of Monferrato. The construction works were completed by 1357.

In 1474, Casale assumed the role of capital within the Marquisate of Monferrato. The Castle, seat of the court, changed its face following the restructuring of the Marquis Guglielmo VIII (1464-1483) and Bonifacio V ( 1483-1494).

When Casale passed to the Gonzaga of Mantua, the structure was reinforced and the plant assumed the present hexagonal shape.

At the beginning of the seventeenth century the castle resumed its function as court house. In fact, for diplomatic reasons,  the dukes of Mantua, engaged in negotiations with the Savoy, often stayed there.

This place has had another moment of splendor during the principality of Duke Charles II Gonzaga-Nevers (1637-1665). In fact, resideding in the city with his entire court, he gave a major impetus to the social and cultural life of Casale.

With the crisis of the Gonzaga dynasty, the Castle of Casale underwent an unstoppable decline. After the passage of the city and of the Monferrato to the Savoy, in 1708, the Castle begins to be used as barracks.

How to visit

The guided visit is included into the “Palaces, Castles and Legends in Monferrato” experience.