The Infernòt La Cantina del Paradiso

Paradise in the Infernòt

La Cantina del Paradiso is a delightful restaurant located inside an infernòt!
The infernòt are the ancient cells for conservation of wine and dishes, typical of the territory of Monferrato.
The Cantina del Paradiso is located in a farmhouse of the nineteenth century, always belonged to the family of Michela, the landlady.
Here you can taste excellent local wines accompanied by robust dishes of the Monferrato tradition.

The Menu

Both for the environment and the family tradition, the menu proposed by the Cantina del Paradiso perfectly matches the history of Monferrato. Mamma Piera proposes you as appetizers some great classics such as the Piedmontese Fassona meat bar with rocket and parmesan, mixed cold cuts or seasonal vegetable flan; in some cases, however, you will also find the nest of eggs.
Among the first to dominate are the agnolotti, made by skilled and expert hand, with Monferrato sauce. Depending on the season you can also find fresh pasta with an abundant cascade of truffles above it.
Obviously you cannot miss the Bagna Caùda and the polenta with meat and sauces, preferably to be enjoyed in a fresh season. Among the latter you can choose among oven goat, Piedmontese dumpling with potatoes or the energizing mixed Piedmontese fried (dish of the peasant tradition, breaded and fried entrails)

Finally, mixed sweets of the house, a real surprise!

How to visit it

The dinner at the Cantina del Paradiso is included in the itinerary “Biking in Monferrato: from the Po river to the Sacred Mountain of Crea“.