The Synagogue of Casale Monferrato

A masterpiece of religious freedom

The Synagogue was founded in 1595, after Guglielmo Gonzaga from 1570 allowed the Jews of Monferrato to freely profess their religion. The structure took shape starting from the space used until then for the game of the trincotto, a sport similar to the tennis court and much loved by the Piedmontese nobility of the time.

The renovations of the Synagogue

The Synagogue was renovated on two occasions. The first in 1866, when following the Emancipation was completely overturned, moving the front door on the short side and the aron where it is still located today. It was Rabbi Salomone Olper himself who coordinated the work of embellishment and restructuring to adapt it to the new needs of the community at the time.
Then in 1968, after a period of abandonment and decay due to the significant reduction of the Jewish community of Casale, was renovated again by the architect Giulio Bourbon, who is director of the museum still today.

Crossing the entrance, a triumph of stuccos, golds and silvers is overwhelming, as the result of the restructuring in a sumptuous Rococo style that involved the building in the eighteenth century.

The Museo degli Argenti, collection of Jewish history

The gallery houses the Museo degli Argenti, one of the most interesting museums of art and Jewish history in Europe. Here there are numerous ritual objects and fabrics tell the Jewish traditions. In fact, it is told above all the history of the city community, which has always been well integrated into the political, social and cultural context of the territory. In the Museum of Enlightenment you will be amazed by the variety and beauty of modern Chanukkah, made in many different forms and materials by important contemporary artists.

How to visit it

The visit to the Casale Synagogue is included in the itinerary “The hills of Monferrato between: a journey to discover the places of Faith“.