The Templar Church of Santa Isana

A Templar farm on the way

The church of Santa Isana was built in Livorno Ferraris in the first half of the twelfth century by the Order of the Templars. The Order had established, just in this place, one of his “mansio”, (a farm).

A strategic position

Once, the domus of Isana depended on the priory Templar of St. James in Vercelli and was located in a strategic position along the Via Liburnasca, one of the most beaten streets during the Middle Ages, which connected Vercelli with Turin, and therefore the Val di Susa and the passes of the Moncenisio. From Livorno Ferraris also passed the Aosta-Ivrea line, which put into communication the steps of the Piccolo and the Gran San Bernardo with Genoa.

The legend of the Menhir

Among the numerous legends and curiosities related to this church, stands out the presence of the menhir, a block of triangular stone (Menhir) fixed in the ground that, according to the tradition first pagan and then Templar, would mark the intersection of particular telluric and cosmic currents laden with beneficial energy.

How to visit

The guided visit to the templar church of Santa Isana in Livorno Ferraris is included into “The path of Templars: between symbolism and legend” experience.