Grazzano Badoglio

Grazzano Badoglio, a village in the sun

Grazzano Badoglio is famous for its ancient abbey, founded in 961 by Aleramo, the first Marquis of Monferrato.

The abbey is entitled to the Salvatore, to the Madonna and to the Saints Peter and Christina.

In order to subtract her from the bishop’s power of Vercelli, she was placed under the jurisdiction of the bishop of Turin.

The donations of goods and rights made by the Marquises, made the monastery prosper. In fact, in 1408, was adopted the reform of the Benedictine Order, “giving” an income to the papal curia of Rome of 150 florins.

In 1708, with the annexation of the Monferrato to the Savoy, they had the patronage of the abbey, sparking heated controversies with the Benedictine abbots.

How to visit it

The Abbey is part of the itinerary: Palaces, Castles and Legends In Monferrato